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Don Lake

Don Lake Airstream painter


Don Lake is a watercolorist who enjoys the slow process of drawing and coaxing real and imagined forms into being. As a painter, he builds up thin layers of transparent watercolor over a neutral “map” or underpainting, gradually rendering depth and atmosphere into the flat initial shapes. His work is strongly representational and conveys a sense of place, if not necessarily the literal truth.

Don’s travels inspire him to paint his experiences in the remarkable places of the western U.S., national parks, and abroad. Don's Airstream paintings began with a plan to paint his own Airstream trailer in interesting places, but grew to focus upon restored classic Airstreams encountered in his travels. His Airstream art has an authentic playfulness to it and always an interesting story behind it. Airstream Life magazine has featured Don's pieces on the cover of several issues. 


Because Don primarily paints landscapes and industrial imagery, his Airstream paintings and prints are created in very small editions, making them quite cherished by their owners.