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Red Earth - Limited Edition Matted Print


Michael Lambert

Artist Statement

This vintage trailer is seen gleaming in the hot sun of New Mexico.  It seems to be looking for shade in the middle of the day and is parked by the lone tree on the landscape.  I imagine the owners are also off taking a siesta and waiting for the midday heat to break before taking off on the next leg of the journey.

1 artist proof available. This print is dry-mounted and matted.


  • Red Earth limited edition print
  • This is an Artist Print (A/P)
  • Matted size: 19.25" x 23.5"
  • Professionally dry mounted
  • Signed by the artist


This artwork ships for a $15 flat fee.

What is an "A/P Print?"

Artist proofs (A/Ps) are a tradition in printmaking. They are the first prints taken off the press by the artist and made outside of regular limited edition prints. Artist proofs are the same quality as numbered prints and are sometimes kept by the artist for his or her own personal collection.