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57 Airstream Caravanner


Don Lake

Artist Statement

This 57 Caravanner was restored by a Colorado couple we met at the Alumafandango rally and was a spectacular example of the painstaking efforts that classic owners take to restore their trailers. In this piece, I wanted to focus on the reflective surface and the color of the awning and matching Zip Dee chairs, and to give the sense of place with the pony ring guides, the trees, and some of the other old beauties parked nearby.  

2 A/P prints available.


  • 57 Airstream Caravanner limited edition print
  • These prints are A/Ps (artist proofs)
  • Transparent watercolor giclee print
  • Unframed
  • Image size approx. 18-1/2" x 25-1/2"
  • Sheet size 21-1/2" x 28"


This artwork ships for a $15 flat fee.

What is an "A/P Print?"

Artist proofs (A/Ps) are a tradition in printmaking. They are the first prints taken off the press by the artist and made outside of regular limited edition prints. Artist proofs are the same quality as numbered prints and are sometimes kept by the artist for his or her own personal collection.